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Total New MLS® Listings and Total MLS® Sales

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As a buyer, there are multiple avenues for you to receive information. Which probably makes you wonder what I can do for you:

I can provide you with access to properties that may not even on the market.
I can set you up on an automated system, that delivers new listings straight to your email. We can tailor the settings so that only the most relevant listings show up and you won’t waste your time skimming through properties that do not fit your criteria.
You can be sure that the contract you sign will be written to protect you. (This applies to all clients, both buyers and sellers.)
As questions arise, you may contact me at all hours of the day.
I have access to a local mortgage team that has been with RE/MAX for over 10 years.
I will share my knowledge and experience of the industry with you to assist with your decision.
I am born and raised in Victoria, so I am very familiar with the neighbourhoods and surrounding areas.
These are just a few of the services I can provide. If you would like to discuss what services are available and which will be most valuable to you, please contact me below.