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Have you recently asked yourself any of these questions?

Should I BUY/SELL now?

This is not a simple question. There are many factors to consider that include: Marital Status, Children, Career, Finances, Family, etc.

This question is better discussed in person so that I can properly present to you, an abundance of information, so you are able to make the most informed decision.

What is my house worth in the current market?

The market is constantly changing; and so is the condition of your home. It is best that you contact and provide me with as many details as possible, in order for you to be presented the most accurate assessment of your property.

Should I do any renovations before I list my home? Will it improve the value of my home?

Would you want to purchase your home in the condition it is in? How does it look from the street? Is there mould?

Let’s talk about your roof. Every house needs a roof, so it’s important to remember that just because you may have replaced the roof, doesn’t mean it is worth more. In some circumstances it would, but in most instances it makes the home more “sellable” vs “worth more”. Meaning that it will likely sell faster than a comparable home that has an older roof.

What is the benefit of using a realtor?

I have listed a few points under the BUYER INFO section of my website. However, there are many services available to you that are best discussed in person.

I will present visual examples of what I can do for you as a buyer, some of which are very different from those that I would do for you as a seller. As a buyer, I want to present to you as many purchasing options as possible. As a seller, I want you to get the most you can for your property; so I will present the many avenues I have available to market your property.

Rest assured, we can find out all of the answers to your questions!

Meet with me for a coffee, and let’s discuss whether buying or selling is even the right option for you right now.

Feel free to Call/Text/FaceTime me anytime! 1-250-818-5848

(If you decide to FaceTime me at night, I can’t guarantee I won’t be in my pyjamas)